Welcome to the 4th Edition CX Innovation & Technology Summit & Awards 2023

Data Driven Decision making for superior Customer Experience

Shaping the Future of Customer Experience

Thursday, 5th October 2023 | 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM | Mumbai

Welcome to the 4th Edition CX Innovation & Technology Summit & Awards 2023

It is said that customers are just people who want to be treated with Compassion. They are always looking for excellent human interactions and are willing to pay a price for it and also staying loyal.

Meeting shifting customer expectations and providing exceptional customer experiences are the top priority of every business today. A lot had changed post COVID 19 and the customer has become more flexible and more accepting of change as a whole. Having said that, business now need to learn how to meet heightened expectations and satisfy changing tastes.

In today's time, data driven decision making is the key to most challenges faced in the customer experience function. Analytical outcomes help businesses meet customer expectation and provide positives experiences that foster loyalty and boost customer retention.

The year 2022 has seen CX being driven by AI & IoT, leveraging technology driven solutions to challenges by building deeper connections with their customers.

Immersive & Hybrid experiences with the emergence of Metaverse is said to be the next evolution of social connection which will add a new realm to customer experience by integrating AR & VR.

A holistic strategy not eliminating the human element is a very necessary trait every customer experience should be stamped by. Humanizing technology is what the next big challenge seems to be.

Be part of this Summit to lean from our Speakers experiences and get actionable insights of solutions that helped them overcome challenges on their journey in strategizing to strive for superior experiences for their customers.

Focus of the Summit

  • Understanding Customer Psychology

  • Data Driven Decision making

  • Customer Centric Transformation

  • Digital CX

  • CX Maturity pathway Mapping

  • Strategies for ensuring Customer Loyalty

  • Humanizing Technology for better CX

Who should attend?

MD, CXO, VP, AVP, Heads of:

  • Customer Experience

  • Customer Service

  • Customer Relationship

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Consumer Insights & Analytics

  • Operations

  • Contact Centre

  • Product Development Digital

  • Innovation & Technology

  • Marketing

  • User Experience

Industry Focus

The summit will be attended by 150+ participants from BFSI – Fintech & Financial Services, NBFC, Aviation, IT & BPM, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, D2C, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Tourism & Hospitality so on and so forth.


  • CRM

  • WhatsApp Solutions

  • Chatbot Solutions

  • SMS Solutions

  • E-mail Solutions

  • Voice Solutions

  • Marketing Automation

  • User Experience Solutions

  • Data Security Solutions

  • CX Process Improvement Solutions

  • Customer Experience Management Solutions

  • Digital Solutions

  • Salesforce Automation

  • Customer Retention Solutions

About the 4th Edition CX Innovation & Technology Summit & Awards 2023

The 4th Edition CX Innovation & Technology Summit & Awards 2023 is a premier event dedicated to exploring the future of customer experience. With a focus on meeting shifting customer expectations and leveraging technology for innovation, this summit brings together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to share insights and strategies for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Delivering Compassionate Customer Experiences

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